We have two current active platforms on which our members regularly race together, these are all on PC:


Our 6 entries in to the Spa 24hr Race (2018)

The world’s premier motorsports racing simulation is currently our busiest platform. We have run private leagues in Skip Barber, Mazda and Oval formats, as well as entering special events together in teams. Recently, we started hosting our own events to raise awareness for disabled racing.

If theres a type of iRacing you would like to do, you will almost definitely find likeminded members in our group.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competitzione, The official Blancpain GT series game is currently the platform of choice for internal leagues in the PCDC Motorsports community.

We have one main GT3 Series league running through out the year with some smaller community events such as Porsche Cup Spec races. PCDC Motorsports members also participate in the Kunos official “Competition” races as both teams and privateers based on the length of races.

We will also be organising much bigger PCDC team endurance events open to the public with live stewarding in the near future.

Inactive Platforms

PCDC Motorsports was originally called “Project CARS Drivers Club”, we initially started off as a group dedicated solely to the Project CARS (1) platform. As the group grew and changed, we began to branch out in to other interests. When Project CARS 2 came out, we migrated from the first game immediately. Shortly after, we rebranded to PCDC Motorsports to reflect the multiplatform nature of our community as more and more members showed interest in iRacing, and to a lesser extent, Assetto Corsa. As of 2019, we have ceased activity on Project CARS 2 due to falling popularity and increasing hype for ACC.

That brings me on to our next inactive platform, Assetto Corsa, a small number of our members used to race this, however you will find little use of AC in our group moving forwards.

We are all open minded and interested in the wider simracing space, this page should serve as a guide as to what you can expect to be the most popular titles, should you join our group – however, we welcome all interests – who knows what the next big thing might be.