Below, you will find rules which we expect all of our members to read, understand and follow – they are in place to make our community faster, fairer and more fun. If you are new to simracing we suggest you also take the time to complete the iRacing driving school video series – which will not only aid your understanding of some of the concepts below, but also make you a better driver. The following rules are subject to change.

Want to print these, download the PDF here

1. General

1.1 You must be 16 years or older to join the group.

1.2 Make sure you have Discord installed and a working mic before joining a race. Most of our members use push-to-talk when racing. This helps in keeping a clean voice channel.

1.3 Behave like sporting gentlemen at all times. You are expected to drive and act responsibly in a way that is not likely to ruin the experience for your fellow members.

1.4 Abusive behavior towards others in any of the chat or voice facilities is prohibited.

1.5 Swearing is discouraged but not prohibited.

1.6 ‘Essential chat only’ can be requested at any time during a race.

1.7 PCDC league sessions always open at 7pm UK time.

1.8 Race results and standings are recorded in the ‘PCDC Leagues and Standings’ spreadsheet.

2. Formation Lap Procedure

2.1 Formation laps, race starts and restarts will all be conducted in single file.

2.2 When all cars are in order after a qualifying session, the grid will pull off one by one. Wait for the car ahead to start moving before you do.

2.3 When the grid doesn’t spawn in the correct order, one of the mods will call out the proper grid. One by one the cars will pull off in the called out order, moving through the middle of the grid. As you pass the start/finish line say ‘Clear’ to let the moderator know when to call the next person. A new grid is then formed further down the road with everyone in the correct order. This is typically done for reverse grid races.

2.4 The formation lap starts with all drivers going at a speed of 100kph/62mph. You are allowed to sway across the track to keep the tyres warm until the grid is asked to group up. Use light braking/brake-riding to warm your brakes.

2.5 If you spin or go off track during the formation lap you must wait for all cars to pass before taking a position at the back of the grid. You must request and be granted permission to return to your original starting position if there is time.

2.6 Your race will start once you pass the start/finish line. Keep up with the person ahead before the start/finish line, but don’t accelerate fully until you cross the line. Under safety car starts everyone accelerates when the safety car drivers calls ‘Green’.

2.7 Begin the race at a normal pace that will not cause you to run into cars in front. A single file running order means overtaking before or during the first turn is near impossible. We ask that you to respect the running order and allow drivers at least the first corner to settle into a race. Be mindful of cold tyres and brakes. Look ahead more than one car. Due to field compression, a compact field will run slower through the first few turns than a spread out one.

3. Basic Rules on the Track

3.1 Contact and collisions must be avoided at all costs.

3.2 No careless/reckless driving. Always show respect for your fellow racers. Show patience and seek to understand the limitations of the car and yourself. Your first goal when racing with us should be to finish an event in a clean and safe manner without any incidents.

3.3 Aim to always keep at least two wheels within the track boundaries. Purposely and frequently cutting chicanes or extending the track is not allowed.

3.4 In any case where you have ended up outside the track boundaries, wait to rejoin the track until until you can do so without impacting approaching drivers (e.g. causing them to need to take evasive action or to brake). We don’t allow use of resets or teleporting mechanics in games.

3.5 Be careful on pit entry and exit, and stay within the confined lines.

3.6 Drivers who are about to be lapped have to make sure to not interfere with the lapping cars. You are not under any circumstances allowed to block or disturb lapping cars. Do not drive unpredictably. Communicate any intended deviations from the racing line to the lapping driver so they can anticipate your movements and pass accordingly. Drivers in the lapping cars are expected to communicate or flash headlights when approaching cars they intend to lap quickly.

3.7 Players who are visibly lagging to more than one player are expected to show caution, drop down to less crowded parts of the field and avoid close racing. If the lagging continues and is repeatedly reported by several people, the player will be asked to leave the race or return to the pitlane.

4. Rules Governing Close Racing and Overtaking

4.1 The ahead driver is not allowed to brake check the following driver.

4.2 The ahead driver is allowed one defensive move on straights.

4.3 The ahead driver is entitled to be slower or use longer and earlier braking zones than others. He is also entitled to turn in earlier or later and/or apex earlier or later. As long as there is no overlap an ahead driver can take any which line they feel is the most inconvenient for following drivers to attack.

4.4 The following driver must take all necessary care to not run into the driver ahead. When you are in someone’s slipstream you will need to brake earlier because you will be moving with less drag and downforce. In case you brake too late for a corner or partially lose control of your car, but can prevent an accident by steering into the dirt, grass or a wall, you are expected to do so.

4.5 The following driver is not allowed to flash his headlights to distract the driver ahead.

4.6 The following driver is not allowed to break excessively late with the intent of occupying, or diving to gain overlap on the inside line. In general, overlap needs to be established before the braking zone.

4.7 When any sort of overlap is established the following driver has the right to sufficient room on the line he is attacking on. This is either the inside or outside line. This means that each driver has a right to their respective “line”, or side of the track. Both drivers are equally responsible for not squeezing the other outside the track/corner, and will naturally be slower in a side-by-side battle.

5. Contact Concessions

5.1 Communicate when contact has happened, or if you have lost control of your vehicle. Own your mistakes and try to not get too hot-headed if you were caught up in an incident.

5.2 If you went off the track as a result of contact, as stated in rule 3.4, wait to rejoin the track until all approaching drivers have passed. If you lost control and stopped on track, stay put and do not move the vehicle until all approaching drivers have passed.

5.3 If there’s contact between drivers that results in either driver making up places on the other, the guilty driver is required to let the innocent driver pass as soon as possible, reestablishing the original positions between them.

5.4 If the appropriate contact concession is carried out by drivers responsible for incidents on the track, they may avoid or reduce the severity of any penalties that might otherwise apply, see rule 7.4.

6. Regarding Safety Cars

6.1 Our races sometimes feature a safety car and full course yellow periods. Safety cars are responsible for leading the formation lap, collecting cars and restarting the race. Sometimes they will assist crashed vehicles back to the pitlane.

6.2 When a safety car driver announces he is ‘Deployed’ the track will enter a state of ‘Full Course Yellow’ (FCY).

6.3 When under ‘FCY’ you need to slow down a bit. You can still go fast, but not at full race pace. Keep a rough 2 second gap from surrounding cars. Overtaking is prohibited.

6.4 When under ‘FCY’ the safety car drives around the circuit at circa 100kph/62mph, collecting cars that approach it. If you happen to be the first car behind the safety car and currently not the leader of the race you will be told to pass the safety car. Once the race leader is directly behind the safety car, all following cars must form a queue.

6.5 Lapped drivers are allowed to unlap themselves during safety car periods. Once the leader is behind the safety car and cars are in a queue, the safety car may announce that all lapped cars can unlap themselves. The queue must stick to one side of the road whilst passing drivers go by. Unlapping is not mandatory and up to the safety car driver.

6.6 The safety car driver will announce ahead of time when a restart is going to happen. Race restarts will only occur on the start/finish straight. The race is underway once the safety car driver has gone into the pit lane and announced ‘Green’.

6.7 The pit lane is always open during ‘FCY’ and safety car periods.

7. Review of Racing Incidents

7.1 All participants in league events are encouraged to video record, or save replays for post-race debrief and analysis. The footage will also serve as evidence in case of disputed racing incidents.

7.2 Any driver wishing to raise an incident must post a thread in the ‘Incident Reporting’ subforum under ‘Discussions’ in the Steam group or report the incident to a moderator. They must also attach video/replay evidence, refer to the time in the video that the incident took place and describe the incident from their point of view.

7.3 Moderators may review any race replay and take action on unreported incidents.

7.4 If, after reviewing an incident, the moderators deem a penalty is due, a sanction will be applied at their discretion. Examples are, but not limited to:

  • Written warning stating rule broken.
  • Requirement to re-read these rules.
  • Time penalty.
  • Point deduction.
  • Grid penalty.
  • Disqualification from that league.
  • Ban over shorter or longer time periods.

7.5 If the guilty driver made effort to give back the position/make amends after the incident, as stated in rule 5.4, the sanction may be reduced or eliminated.